Sadistic Owner Refuses Further Treatment Of Dog, Steals Her From The Hospital

Mia the Chihuahua endured the worst days of her life after being abused by an extremely neglectful and cruel owner, writes ilovemydogsomuch

As told by the veterinarians, Mia’s owner brought her to them in a critical state.

She was sick for weeks due to an infected uterus, but her owner showed no interest in treating the dying and emaciated pooch.

Seeing Mia’s declining health, the vets performed an emergency surgery knowing well that the owner didn’t want to pay for the same. But when it was time for Mia to get a blood transfusion, the owner shamelessly sneaked away the unconscious dog from the hospital.

The vets were so disgusted by the entire turn of events that they immediately contacted animal services. After 3 weeks of struggle, it was established that the vindictive owner was barely feeding Mia and simply waiting for her to die.


The officers rescued and quickly rushed a lethargic, pale and dehydrated Mia to San Jose Shelter, praying that she would make it. Mia needed all the prayers she could get.

In this video, we see the unmitigated dedication of the vets and the nurses who leave no stone unturned to pull Mia back from the brink of death. It’s hard not to tear up as we see a 3-lb Mia gradually gaining weight after being hand-fed for weeks.

With regular cuddles and belly rubs, she blossoms into the most affectionate sweetheart! After a 7-month-long battle, Mia has finally made a complete recovery and is thriving in her forever home!

An investigation and criminal charges are pending against Mia’s ex-owner, and we hope the owner faces the legal consequences for intentionally torturing sweet little Mia.

Click the video below to watch Mia’s gut-wrenching history of neglect and her triumphant recovery.

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