Hypersonic Aircraft Venus Aerospace Worth USD33 million And Able To Fly On The Edge Of Outer Space


Texas – Hypersonic spacecraft from Venus Aerospace will travel to the edge of space. This was announced directly by a company official recently.

Quoted from Gizmodo, Saturday (11/6/2022) the Houston-based company has even prepared a hypersonic aircraft called the Stargazer which has high technology.

It is said that the plane, which was developed in 2020 and cost $33 million in development, will be traveling at nine times the speed of sound (March 9). The hypersonic Stargazer will glide to the edge of space with 12 passengers on board and travel at an altitude of 170,000 feet (51.8 kilometers).

Keep in mind that this hypersonic Stargazer will not actually penetrate space, it will only be in the Kármán line, like a hot air balloon. Even so, passengers can still see quite a view, with the curvature of the Earth clearly visible. And what’s special is that it can be done in a very short time.

The company hopes Stargazer can make a flight across the boundary of the Karmán line from Tokyo to Los Angeles in one hour. Many times that of a conventional plane which takes up to 11 hours. “The Stargazer will take off using engines like a conventional plane, but then transition to a rocket at a certain altitude and away from the city,” said Venus Aerospace CTO Andrew Duggleby.

“Stargazer flights will take place as early as 2025. For now, testing is still underway to ensure safety, reliability and performance,” he added. It has not been announced how many tickets to enjoy a trip with Stargazer . But ideally, tickets should be the same as the price of first class tickets in commercial planes, we’ll see.

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